Desktop Intel Core i5

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Intel Core i5



240 Solid State Drive

Case with PowerSupply

Windows 10 PRO

Intel Core i5
Intel Core i5

Intel Core i5 – Coffee Lake were introduced in late 2017 with a number of high-end SKUs. A larger number of SKUs were introduced in April 2018. Although they still use standard Socket LGA-1151, those parts are no longer backwards compatible with earlier 100/200-series chipsets and must be paired with an appropriate 300-series chipset. A significant configuration change has taken place with the introduction of Coffee Lake including bumping the core count for the Core i5s from 4 cores to 6 and appropriately increasing the L3 cache which has significantly increased the performance of those parts over the prior generation. Note that with the doubling of the core, Intel has dropped hyper-threading support from those models